Channels for your Online Store

Increase your sales by selling through channels. OrderTech is the only affordable features complete channels and inventory management software which can handle small to very large online stores. Grow your sales with the confidence that your business operations management software can scale to very large operations. OrderTech handles all functionalities end-to-end.

Inventory management

Sell more and reduce operations cost. Manage inventory everywhere with one system. Efficiently manage warehouses and channels inventory with a centralized state-of-the-art inventory management software across your online stores, physical warehouses, points of sale, and marketplaces (such as Amazon and Ebay).

  • Bill of materials (create and manage kits and bundles).
  • Multiple warehouses.
  • Multiple bin locations.
  • Integrated barcodes printing and reading.
  • Integrated with pack, pick and ship management software.
  • Automatic inventory planning and optimization, multiple automatic reordering algorithms, dynamic readjustments.
  • Reports (tables, charts, PDF, Excel, &) and business intelligence.

Multi-Channel listing

Increase your sales by reaching millions of people with channels on Amazon, ebay, and others and keep your inventory up-to-date automatically across channels and your online store.

  • Live update.
  • Bulk uploads.
  • Manage all orders in one location.
  • Auto-calculate amazon fees.
  • Price against Amazon buy box.

Electronic Data Exchange

Sell through partners which require Electronic Data Exchange (EDI). OrderTech simplifies the implementation of EDI and eliminates translation fees.

  • Sell more to partners such as Walmart, Target, Wayfair and Kohl’s among others.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Real-time.
  • Handles EDI translation at zero cost.
  • Drastically reduce EDI transaction fees.
  • Eliminate data entries errors.
  • Streamlines transaction processing.
  • Increases productivity.

Partners, Channels and Marketplaces