Film Festival Solutions

The OrderTech Film Festival Software Service helps you manage everything online. Use one simple service to manage your ticket sales, seat inventory, donations, film details, and more. Make next year's film festival simpler and less stressful.


Organize the films on your website. List films by venue. Add trailers, posters, showings, and synopses. Customize everything. Our smart shopping cart enables you to automatically handle service charges. Attach film tickets via email or pick them up at will call.

Showcase your films online.

Organize your films page quickly. Add a trailer from YouTube or Vimeo. Upload a film poster or other images. Add a synopsis and any other information. Our film pages are data-driven, so you can edit them and see the results in seconds.

Want to change the layout? We can customize everything to your specifications.

Add, remove, and edit showings.

OrderTech's film festival software allows you to add showings on the fly. Do you have to move a showing to another venue? Need to add a new one at the last minute? That's not a problem. A few clicks and a few lines of text are all it takes to add a film showing.

You can have any number of showings for any film — one film can have one showing and another film can have showings at every venue.

Customize the look and feel of your films.

Want to give your festivalgoers a teaser of the film? No problem. You can display as much or as little as you want for every film. Show a couple lines of the synopsis and have a "See More" button. Show the synopsis or trailer on the page or open it in a popup window. Make your website unique.

Easily order tickets online.

We also make it easy to add films to your order. Select a showing, click the Buy Tickets button, and go directly to the checkout. Or keep your customers on the film page and let them add as many films as they want, and then let them check out when they're ready. It's all up to you.

Group your showings by venue.

Larger film festivals may have an overwhelming number of showings. Some festivalgoers may only be interested in showings at a specific venue. We can divide your film page up to display film by venue. It's easy to switch between venues or to show all the films.

Configure your smart shopping cart.

Do you have a service charge? We can automatically add that to the price of each ticket. We can display it anyway you want. You can display the service change as an individual item in the shopping cart or attach it to the film itself.

Our smart shopping cart will recalculate service charges as your customers add and remove tickets. It's one less thing for you to worry about next season.

Email tickets or leave them at will call.

The smart shopping cart enables your customers to choose whether they want their tickets left at will call or sent immediately to their email inbox. You'll know exactly which tickets to leave at the venue without any additional effort.

Emailing your customers their tickets allows them to print them out and bring them to the venue — or they can present them on their smartphone at theatre.

Your festival, your tickets.

Do you have a ticket format you'd like us to use? Need help creating a new ticket design? Your tickets can be as unique as your festival. We will work with you to create custom tickets that get people excited before they even step foot in the venue.

Festival Pass

Ordering a festival pass is easy. In a matter of minutes your customers can purchase a pass and make their film selections. The website will show all available options. And our smart shopping cart will process additional tickets that aren't part of the festival pass.

Ordering a hassle-free festival pass.

OrderTech's film festival software makes purchasing a festival pass easy for the festivalgoer. After they purchase a pass they can log in to their account and see how many free films they have left and add or remove film showings. The film page shows exactly how many passes they have available.

Since the festival pass-holder can manage everything on the website, you won't have to worry about film selections or ticket allotment.

Festival passes are handled automatically.

Film selections that are part of the festival pass will be listed as free and will not have a service charge when checking out. Your customers will know exactly what films they can choose as well as which showings they've selected and the ones available.

They will also have the ability to buy tickets to additional showings that aren't covered by the festival pass. If they select a showing from their festival pass and buy another ticket for a friend, the smart shopping cart will account for that and charge them for the additional ticket.


Customize your film festival donations and their perks. Donors can manage their complimentary tickets on the website. And they can order additional tickets at the same time. You'll be able to reserve seats to showings based on donations placed on the website.

Create your donation levels.
Let the website handle the rest.

Add as many donation levels as you want and customize the perks. Donations are integrated with OrderTech's film festival software. If a donation includes free tickets, the website will take that into account. It works just like the festival pass.

Let your customers redeem their passes.

When the donor logs in they will be able to see how many free tickets they have available in account management and on the film page. Our smart shopping cart lets them simultaneously redeem their free tickets and purchase tickets to showings that aren't covered by the donation.

Reserve VIP seating.

Some of your donations may include VIP reserved seating and we've taken that into account. When one of these donations is placed, you'll be alerted so that you can contact the donor and make appropriate accommodations.

Customer Service

Ordertech's film festival software will ensure your team spends less time on the phone. We have tools that let you handle customer service and sales digitally. We'll make sure all your ticket orders, festival passes, and donations are properly processed. We'll also provide your customers with powerful tools to reduce the number of customer calls.

Spend less time on the phone.

Our software provides powerful tools that enable your team members to process manual orders, exchange tickets, and issue credits. They'll also be able to view and answer your customers' questions about their orders and what complimentary tickets they may have to redeem.

Most film festivals have a customer service number for clients to call and ask questions. OrderTech's film festival software streamlines and speeds up this process.

And we're always online.

Your film festival website will have all the information your customers need, so you won't have to spend as much time on the phone with them.

They can log in to the website and quickly see what tickets they've ordered, which showings they selected for their festival pass or donation, and how many free showings they have available to redeem.


OrderTech's film festival software provides you with daily reports. You'll know how your season is progressing and how to allocate your time. Discover opportunities for expansion as the season unfolds.

Daily Sales

Every day you will get this report detailing the total number of ticket sales, festival passes, and service charges. We also provide a report of daily sales made by credit card so you can easily reconcile with your bank deposits.

These reports will tell you how the season is progressing and if, for example, you need to increase your marketing.

Sales by Theatre

This daily report shows how many tickets you've sold by venue and film. It will help you determine if you need to add more seats to accommodate demand. Don't miss any opportunities for growth.


We combine all the customers who have made donations each day during the festival into one daily report. You'll have all the information at your fingertips to reserve seats, send invitations, and more.

Daily Door List

This report lets your staff and theatre employees know who will be attending any film on any given day.

Films Remaining

This management decision tool tallies your daily seat inventory. It helps you decide when you should move a showing to a smaller or larger venue. You may also want to add a showing at another venue if demand is high enough.

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